Planning to visit Grandma? It might be worth checking out this website!

The city of Toronto has taken an interesting and proactive  approach to reporting communicable disease risk associated with long term care (LTC) homes. The first report was released on February 13, 2014 and an update will be released weekly (every Thursday). The city report can be found online at the following website. The report identifies Toronto long term care facilities that currently have active outbreaks. The definition of an institutional outbreak is a localized increase (e.g. in an institution, or a specific ward or floor within an institution) in the rate of infection or illness, above that which is expected. The data available also includes the type of outbreak (enteric or respiratory) as well as the causative agent (if available). It appears that this report will also include information for institutional Clostridium difficule infection outbreaks when they occur. Case definitions for the reportable diseases can be found here